About Me

After a stint in the political world, I am now a stay at home mother to two amazing little girls, both under two, at the moment.  Before either of them was born, I was completely inept in the kitchen, and had no desire to change that.  In fact, I was committed to never cooking or baking, because, well, why should I?  My husband was perfectly capable.  But, something about becoming a mother made me want to conquer my cooking fears, and I discovered I actually enjoy it quite a bit.  Now, I bake and cook nearly every day, and force my husband to try everything, to which he always responds, "I like it" with a head nod and a thumbs up.  But, I know him well and can tell when that's a genuine thumbs up, or an "I'm just too nice to tell you otherwise" nod.

In the past two years, I have also taken on the feat of baking while avoiding dairy.  It is a challenge that brings me so much pleasure, as I know I have just created something wonderful the whole family can enjoy, as both our girls either were, or currently are, milk allergic (with a low-level egg allergy thrown in for good measure).  Because I'm currently nursing I must avoid milk as well, but I just enjoy baking too much to abandon it all together.  Besides, adding a little challenge to the process makes it that much more enjoyable.

Otherwise, we're just a normal, Southern family, living way too close to the Mason Dixon Line in the suburbs of Washington, DC.  We love everything about the city and all our friends here, but we miss our sweet, Southern families and having Charleston just a couple hours down the road.  We day dream almost daily about packing up and heading back down that way, but we know we would miss this crazy, over-priced town way too much.  Life would be complete here if we could just get some Tarheel basketball televised regularly.   (These people seem to think Maryland and Boston University are actually part of the ACC...go figure.)

If you have any questions about any of the recipes you see here, about baking allergen-free, or baking in general, please feel free to email me at sweetsugarcoat@gmail.com.  I will do my best to respond promptly to any emails or comments.

Hope y'all enjoy!