Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vegan Yogurt Biscuits

As I have mentioned a few times, I am on a milk elimination diet because we have discovered my nursing newborn has a milk allergy.  I did the same with my first daughter, so much of this is old hat.  But, it still does take a while to fully accept the full implications of such an elimination diet.  No cheese.  No yogurt.  No pizza.  No ice cream.  No butter.  No cream cheese or cream, for that matter.  No cake or cookies or anything decadent - unless you cook them yourself and become creative with the ingredients.  I survived my first go-round of this with the help of Cybele Pascal's book, The Allergen Free Baker's Handbook, as she inspired me to truly embrace the dairy free life as a new adventure and not something to mourn or bemoan.  I will undoubtedly soon be posting recipes from her book, which are fantastic and became go to dishes even after I was able to incorporate milk back into my diet.  But, the point of today's post is that my kitchen, in large part thanks to Pascal, now has milk-free baking substitutes as staples and I have learned that many recipes can be made dairy-free with simple substitutions.   Mayonnaise biscuits are no exception.   

In the original post for these biscuits, I noted that I used rice milk instead of cow's milk and that hasn't changed.  But, tonight as I was whipping them up, I just could not bear the thought of having to spoon out that half cup of mayonnaise.  That greasy concoction is just so disgusting to me.  I love it in ranch dressing.  I could eat remoulade on every sandwich I ever have.  And, I wouldn't be Southern if I didn't enjoy a good coleslaw.  But, eating just plain ole mayonnaise is not something I'm going to do, and if I can avoid coming into contact with it, I will.  So, in a desperate attempt to avoid that gloop, I decided to use yogurt instead.  Coconut milk yogurt, actually.  And, the biscuits were surprisingly fantastic.  There was a bit of increased chewiness, but that also happened when I started using rice milk, and I actually really prefer them this way.  I may not need to avoid mayonnaise for my elimination diet, but having a simple, readily available substitute for it is wonderful.  So, now the recipe looks like this:

Vegan Yogurt Biscuits:
2 Cups self-rising flour
1 Cup rice or soy milk
1/5 Cup plain flavored coconut milk or other vegan yogurt 
2 Tbs. powdered sugar

Preheat oven to 350.  Mix all ingredients and divide evenly among muffin tin (makes approximately seven).  Cook for 20-25 minutes until biscuits begin to brown and reach desired color.

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