Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Decorated Sugar Cookies

I am going to do a how-to post for royal icing at some point.  I promise.  I'm no expert, but I am learning more and more helpful tips and I'm anxious to share them.  But, that will be a very involved post with lots of pictures and, well, I just don't have the time at the moment.  In the meantime, though, I will continue to post photos of cookies that I decorate in case you're looking for inspiration.

Also, my husband has convinced me to set up an etsy shop, so if you're in the market for some cookies hop on over to Sugar Loaf Eats and shop 'til you drop.  If what you're looking for isn't listed, just shoot me a message on etsy.  Chances are I have the shape you need and can get it out to you in just a few days.

In the last few weeks I have baked and decorated *almost* countless amounts of cookies.  First, ice cream cones and cupcakes for Bible School.  Followed by seahorses and starfish for my daughter's second birthday.  Then, baby onesies for an expectant friend.  And finally, my mother-in-law actually became my first paying customer.  I didn't like it.  I was definitely uncomfortable letting her pay me for anything, so I eased my conscience by sending lots extra.  She threw a Mexican themed party this weekend and wanted accompanying cookies.  So, I made sombreros with moustaches, maracas, and red chili peppers.  I also included a few just for my father-in-law because he loves the icing, which is reminiscent of those childhood animal crackers with the smooth, hard frosting.

So, here they all are in *almost* chronological order...

Ice Cream Cones and Cupcakes for the VBS teachers at our church.  They had over 600 kids in VBS this year and we are not a mega-church - that's just mind-blowing!

Starfish and Seahorses for my daughter's birthday party.  We used them as the party favors.  Her cake was an awesome fondant covered birthday cake with mermaids and seahorses.  My cousin made it for me and I will post pictures of it as soon as I get them from my mom.  I am still in awe that she was able to do everything she did for the cake - and that she did it for free!  She truly is a talented baker (visit her Facebook page, Sandy K's Cakes).

Mexican themed cookies for my mother-in-law's party.  The maracas were all different, though made with the same four colors.  I used a very simple marbling technique.  I packaged the sombrero's with the moustaches, and they were adorable (at least, I thought they were).

And, these are my absolute favorites!  I just learned this technique and was really just trying it out on these cookies.  I wanted to send a few just to my father-in-law and thought, what better time to practice?  I knew he wouldn't care if they were ugly, but they turned out to be absolutely stunning.

And, then there were these.  I ended up tossing them out (and by tossing them out, I mean eating them, but I did not send them).  I thought I would try a new royal icing recipe, because, well, the grass is always greener.  Thank goodness I thought ahead enough to start this batch before the Mexican cookies or I would have been in trouble.  You see, my friend (who was due this weekend) is not expecting these so it was okay to not send them.  But, this is essentially how cookies turn out when you get careless with the mixing and over fluff.  Too much air = bleeding and uneven drying.  See all that splotchiness on there?  Not good.  They didn't even harden.  Just stayed a semi-wet crumbly mess.  It was really too bad, too, because I love how the designs turned out.  They did still taste pretty great, though.

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