Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Engagement Ring Cookies (With A Few Pig Friends)

These cookies were so much fun to make.  I am now completely in love with disco dust (a.k.a. edible glitter).  The finished product had the date, 8-28, written on the band in edible ink.  I thought they were adorable and delicious.  The only issue I had with them was the earthquake here on the East Coast...
My husband, our two girls, and I were in the car at the time of the earthquake.  We didn't feel a thing.  But, when we arrived home (3 minutes later), our neighbors were all outside, completely freaked out and warned us most everything would probably have fallen from the walls.  Um...nope.  A few pictures were crooked, but nothing was damaged (and here in DC, we supposedly took the strongest hit...).  But, when I started to pick up these cookies, already individually packaged and waiting to be boxed for shipping, I noticed several of them had broken along the edge of the diamond and band.  I always make plenty extra so it wasn't a problem, but I, of course, become completely stressed out over whether they would arrive in one piece or not.  Thankfully, they arrived just fine and the pictures from the Tiffany-themed party were stunning!  My cookies accompanied a gift-box shaped cake and were all set atop a table that looked as though it was strewn with loose diamonds.  Gorgeous!

Along with this order came a request for a dozen pig cookies, and I knew exactly how I wanted to do them.  Disco dust!  That was it.  The only detail.  I simply covered the cookies in pink royal icing and while still wet, coated them in pink disco dust.  I, maybe, just a little bit, fell completely in love with these cookies.  They were just begging for me to show my admiration and eat them.  I may have obliged.  Just a little.


I used this chocolate cookie recipe (To. Die. For.):  The End All for Chocolate Cookies.  Follow her directions.  She knows what she's talking about. 

And, then I used this no-chill recipe from Sweet Sugar Belle (because time was an issue) for the sparkly pig friends:  Basic Sugar Cookies.

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