Friday, August 5, 2011

Favorite Find Fridays - Reynolds StayBrite Baking Cups

I know posting has been sparse lately, but I've got lots of recipes coming up soon.  We've just been in a bit of a chaotic state around here with my toddler turning two (2!?  When did that happen?), and my infant having a little cold (i.e. no sleeping), and making and decorating around 100 cookies.  So, blogging has certainly fallen behind.  In the meantime, though, I wanted to start a new feature for this blog...

Favorite Find Fridays.  As I'm working in the kitchen, I often stumble across products that I think are so wonderful that I must share them with the world, because after all, the world is desperately waiting for my opinion.  And, I know all of you in particular have been secretly wishing I would share my obviously expert tips with you, right?  I knew it.  Well, here they are - one at a time, once per week (and maybe now I can stop having fake, late-night infomercials in my kitchen. 

To start, let's look at my new favorite item, Reynolds Baked For You StayBrite Baking Cups.  I know, what's all that exciting about a baking cup?  Well, when you're me, and the little things make your skirt fly up (in the words of the Pioneer Woman), baking cups can be exciting.  I do think a cute little pattern can add quite a bit to the presentation of cupcakes or muffins.  Often, though, I find a package I must have, because they are just too stinking adorable, bake something delicious in them, and wow, the pattern has just about disappeared.  The cups often become translucent and just, well, blah.  And then my cupcakes look sad.  Yuck.  These baking cups from Reynolds, though, are fantastic.  I stumbled across them in the grocery store on a late night quest for cups.  I was annoyed I had to go to the grocery store because the cups there are always just so dang boring and bought these in a huff.  But, I was soon impressed.  You see, these, these, are lined with aluminum foil.  Aluminum foil, people.  That's so...obvious.  And genius.  I mean, why didn't I think of that?  The pattern just stays so perfect and vibrant.  Just look at them:

My only complaint?  The lack of patterns.  Reynolds should partner with a fun designer or web-retailer and come up with all sorts of fun patterns.  I see polka dots and paisley and flowers and...I would snatch each of them up in a heartbeat.

And, I promise Reynolds has no idea I'm here.  I really do think these are the greatest find I have come across in a while, and I like to pat myself on the back for having discovered them on my own.

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