Thursday, September 29, 2011

Baby Onesie Sugar Cookies

These cookies were shipped off to North Carolina for my sister-in-law's baby shower.  We're so excited to be welcoming our third nephew in November!

For whatever reason, baby onesie cookies have been my achilles heel in decorating with royal icing.  They just never turn out as beautiful as I envision.  But, I may have finally broken that curse!  These aren't "beautiful" in the same sense as the brush embroidered cookies from earlier in the week, but they were definitely pretty and worthy of a celebration for a little boy.  I was able to find duckie ribbon and "It's a boy ribbon" that topped it all off wonderfully.

So, just a few tips about these cookies....

Always chill this shape before baking.  For whatever reason, these cookies tend to puff and spread more than other shapes. And puffy onesies just end up looking like those sumo wrestler suits unsuspecting guests are talked into wearing - and humiliating themselves in - at baseball games.  You know...rollling around out in the outfield, trying to stand up and having 30,000 people laugh at you as you repeatedly fall on your face.  And, what self-respecting onesie wants to look like that?

Hmm.  Moving on...   

Be very careful with the blue or it will become too dark much too quickly.  This blue is ONE drop of Americolor Sky Blue and lots of Bright White.  The green is also ONE drop of Leaf Green and lots of Bright White.  Deep Pink (the pink I use the most often) is the same way.  And, the tricky part is they don't look dark when you mix them.  This is why it is always smart to let the colors rest for a bit after mixing but before using.  After about 20 minutes, the color will be more accurate.   

Have fun!

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