Friday, October 14, 2011

Favorite Find Fridays - Precut Parchment

I know.  It's been weeks since I posted a Favorite Find Friday.  I've failed you.  Again.  But, I'm here now and that's what counts, right?


This is probably my absolute favorite kitchen find:  Precut Parchment sheets!  Woohoo!  I found these on The Webstaurant Store's site while I was searching for sheet pans.  They are perfect and I use them nearly every day.  If I roll dough, bake cookies, decorate cookies, roast vegetables, or use a sheet pan in any way, I use one of these flat (and not curling under from being wound into a roll), perfectly sized sheets of parchment paper.  The best part?  They come in packs of 100.  Oh, and the other best part?  Those 100 sheets are only $4.49/pack.

You see, I found these while I was contemplating buying Silpat mats because I so despised those supermarket rolls of parchment paper that curled under and made accurately lining pans nearly impossible.  But, I already have one Silpat mat and I hate it.  It works great, but I hate cleaning it.  It's just a pain.  But, I was willing to give in and spend the money to avoid that roll.  Until I found these and took a chance.  I am now in love!  

And, the other great part?  The Webstaurant Store.  It's fantastic with great prices and great service.  Most restaurant supply stores will not sell to individuals, but thankfully, the Webstaurant Store will.  And, their delivery times are great and shipping rates reasonable.  I feel like a genius for finding them! 

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